Google Photos gets a map view as part of a big new redesign

Three images demonstrating the new search interface in Google Photos for iOS and Android.Google Photos’ new search interface. | Image: Google

After five years as the dominant solution for photo storage across platforms, Google Photos is getting a big new redesign. The refreshed look, which includes fresh ways to navigate the app and a simplified pinwheel icon, is designed to better highlight your favorite old pictures, Google said. It also answers the top feature request Google says it’s received: a map view that lets you explore the photos and videos that you’ve taken by location.

“A lot of people really love the product, and the reason they love it is a little bit different than what we initially designed it for,” said David Lieb, product lead for Google Photos. “The thing they really love it for is this idea of nostalgia, and reminiscing, and looking back on your photos….

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